Scavenger Hunt

The 1st and 2nd graders went on an End of Year Scavenger Hunt around the school today! They had to find all items on the list. Everyone found everything!

This year has been so great! The 1st and 2nd graders worked so hard.

Thanks for a fun year!

What’s Bugging You?

The first and second graders have started a new science unit on insects. They have learned that all insects have 6 legs and three body parts. They have also learned that not all insects have wings.

Each day, we complete a page of our insect book and learn about a different insect. Today, we discussed flies.

Electrical Safety

The first graders have been learning about electricity and electrical safety. They have been coloring safety posters to put on the bulletin board to remind everyone to be safe!

Some rules are:

Never stick anything other than a plug into an outlet.

Fly kites far away from power lines.

Stay away from electrical substations.

Scientists for the week

The first and second graders are conducting different experiments every day this week. They are using the Scientific Method while doing the experiments.

Today’s experiment was called “Invisible Skin.” The students attempted to wash their hands with cold water after rubbing vegetable oil on their hands. They learned that water and oil don’t mix!

The Earth

The first graders have been learning all about the Earth and its geographical features. They have learned about the layers of the Earth and about volcanoes and geysers.

Each student made his/her own volcano and labeled its parts.

Dinosaur Fun

The second graders have been learning all about dinosaurs and fossils. They have been pretending to be paleontologists and have been doing fun activities. This week, they are completing a dinosaur research paper in class. Each student was given a dinosaur to learn more about.


The first and second graders had some Thanksgiving fun this week! We colored a turkey picture, watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, did some Thanksgiving math facts, and ate some cupcakes!

We hope everyone has a fun and safe Thanksgiving break!