Typing Sight Words


The students in first grade got a lesson on typing using a keyboard this week. “We can type on our iPads Ms. Heath!” exclaimed one student. While this is true, keyboarding skills and navigating the keys is something that students will need to know in their life beyond school. What better way to teach sight words than using technology to do so!?

ROCKin’ Science

Igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, OH MY! Learning the three types of rocks was an exciting, hands on adventure! To distinguish between the three, students used Starburst candy to model each type. We melted the candy and let it cool for the igneous rock, cut the candy into small pieces and pushed together for sedimentary, and for metamorphic we cut the candy into small pieces just like sedimentary but used heat and pressure from our hands to form metamorphic rock.

Out of This World Projects

During our astronomy unit, the first graders worked on a poster project to enhance their learning of our solar system. They each worked extremely hard and researched through many different books to find interesting facts on their part of the solar system.

Sight Words in 3D

While working in the sight word center, one first grader decided to go outside the box create his own activity. Instead of using the play dough word mats, this guy here made the sight word ‘does’ in 3D!

100 Days Sailed Away


We survived the first 100 days of first grade! Our 100th day was filled with fun activities that related to the number 100. First, we started our day making and sorting 100th day stew. It was delicious!

For the remainder of the day, students moved around the writing, math, science, and social studies centers to complete 100th day activities that were relevant to each subject.



Boston Tea Party

The Sons of Liberty gathered in the first grade classroom dressed like Native Americans to protest the unfair taxes and law on tea. Afterwards we celebrated by making blueberry scones and drinking our own tea. Take that, King George III!