Getting to Know Mo Willems

First grade has been studying the works of author and illustrator Mo Willems. We read several of his books and got to know some of his most popular characters, such as the Pigeon and Duckling, Piggie and Gerald, and Trixie and her Knuffle Bunny.

We learned about how illustrators use their pictures to help tell a story and show how the characters are feeling. We drew four pictures of Piggie’s face and created each drawing to show four different emotions that Piggie felt throughout the stories: happy, angry, sad, and surprised.

We also talked about opinion writing and wrote our own stories expressing our opinions of whether the Pigeon should drive the bus or not and whether he should take a bath or not.

First day of First Grade!

The first graders had such a busy first day of school! After exploring our rainbow-colored classroom, we made All About Me rainbows to display on our classroom walls. We also read the book First Day Jitters and talked about the different ways we felt about starting the new school year. We then followed a recipe to make Jitter Juice that magically made all of our first day jitters disappear! We ended our day with a dance party and talked about all of the exciting things we are going to learn about this year!

Exploring Earth

First grade learned all about Earth’s layers and materials and how they help shape and form our planet. They learned the difference between volcanoes and geysers and all about the different types of rocks and landforms that are created when they erupt.

They made a yummy “earth in a cup” snack to represent the layers of the earth: marshmallow for the inner core, strawberry sauce for the outer core, a brownie for the mantle, and crumbled up graham crackers for the crust. (They added a few candy rocks and gummy worms, as well, to represent nature!)

They also created their own volcanoes by mixing baking soda, vinegar, and red food coloring.

First Grade is Out of This World!

The first graders learned all about the Earth, moon, and sun and how they orbit or center our solar system. Then they each took a turn being the teacher and taught the class about the planet that they were assigned to do a report on. They also created a 3D model of their planet to present to their peers. They did such an awesome job sharing what their planets were made of and what their atmospheres are like and even taught their teacher a few new facts about their planets!

Hair we Grow!

First grade just wrapped up their science unit on plants and plant life. They learned that all plants need sunlight, water, soil, and oxygen to grow. They also learned about the function and “job” of each part of a plant and how plants are able to make their own food. After decorating face cups, they planted grass seed “hair” and made sure they gave their plants everything it needs in order to survive.

Building Simple Machines

The first graders learned all about simple machines in science. They learned what each type of machine helps us do and identified different simple machines around the school. They partnered up to make their own versions of simple machines: a wheel and axle pull toy, a pulley well, an inclined plane marble run, and a lever mini catapult.

Read Across America Week

Last week the first graders celebrated Read Across America Week. They did lots of fun literacy activities like performing their Readers’ Theatre plays, having a “Speed Date” with books, and writing our own tongue twisters and alliteration sentences. on Wednesday they partnered up with 3rd/4th grade for 10 minutes of partner reading, and on Friday they presented their independent book reports and came to school dressed as a character from their story!

3-D Shape Hunt

First grade took advantage of the beautiful weather this morning and decided to do our math lesson outside! They went on a 3D shape hunt and realized that lots of things that we see everyday are made up of 3D shapes. The friends worked with their partners to list as many items/shapes as they could and then shared their lists with the rest of the class.

Multiplication Smarties!

First grade started learning about multiplication today with groups of ten. They learned that “times” is another way to say “groups of” and solved their multiplication problems by counting groups of ten smarties candies. We love using manipulatives to visualize math problems and gain a better understanding of new concepts!