All About Japan

We have spent the last week learning all about Japan! We began our lesson by coloring the Japanese flag and exploring the meaning behind it. We learned that the red circle in the middle of the flag represents the sun. We also located Japan on the map and found out it is made up of thousands of islands. The four main islands of Japan are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku.

We explored its unique culture by learning about their various crafts, foods, mannerisms, and sports. We took some time to learn about origamis and make our own origami! We are continuing our exploration of Japan this week. Stay tuned for more! unnamed-33.jpg


North and South America Fun!

We have been learning a lot about North and South America!  We reviewed their different climate types and we also looked at where each climate type can be found in both continents! We had a lot of fun coloring a map and making a map key showing the location of each climate. Students learned that the climate type in the state of South Carolina is the deciduous forest.

unnamed-21  unnamed-24

First grade not only focused on the climate types, but also on the different types of habitats found in the world! They created a booklet with each type of habitat and discussed the types of plants and animals found in each habitat. When asked which habitat they liked the most, everyone said the ocean! So, we made an ocean with paper plates and paint.

unnamed-22      unnamed-23

Second grade created a poster showing us the various climate types by drawing and describing each of them. We ended our unit on North and South America with some tasty cookies made by one of our classmates. Thanks, Allison!!

unnamed-26   unnamed-25


First Two Weeks of School!

We had a lot of fun during our first two weeks of first and second grade! unnamed-3We began our lesson on general Geography by learning all of the continents and oceans of the world. We started our lesson by coloring and labeling a blank world map.

unnamed-5        unnamed-4       unnamed-6.jpg

Students also presented their “About Me” books to the class and shared some fun facts about themselves!


We  had a lot of fun in Math by making patterns with shapes and colors.

unnamed-8           unnamed-9




Welcome to our 1st and 2nd grade blog! I hope you all had a great summer. I am so excited for the school year to start and can’t wait to start making some fun memories with our fun little group this year!! Don’t forget to check out our newsletters every week!!