The 1st graders have just finished their last science lesson. We have been discussing weather for the last two weeks. Students have learned about the water cycle, different natural disasters, and cloud types. They love working on word searches, so Ms. Ubarana gave them a hard weather word search! Students had to work together to find all of the words… and they did it!!




The 1st graders have been learning all about electricity. Something we discussed is the importance of following electrical safety tips. Each student wrote down a safety rule and decorated the paper. Here are some important rules to remember:

  1. Obey warning signs and never put yourself or others in danger
  2. Stay away from power stations no matter the situation
  3. Never put your finger or anything into a plug socket
  4. Keep water away from electricals, such as hairdryers
  5. Never fly kites near power lines, always find open space


Easter Fun!

Right before spring break we had some Easter fun! We had cookies, read a story, and painted some eggs. While the kids were in Spanish, Ms. Ubarana hid the eggs around the room. Everyone got to take home two eggs! One of our classmates even brought some Easter treats for everyone! It was as fun day. IMG-4173IMG-4174IMG-4175IMG-4176IMG-4177IMG-4178IMG-4179

Field Trip!!

We went on a field trip to the Roper Mountain Science Center on March 4th. We had so much fun!

We started our day by learning more about frogs and lizards. We then learned more about fossils and even got to search for some fossils outside! Our day ended with a fun lesson on ocean animals. Students even got to touch some!



This week, students completed a friendship activity. Each day of the week a student was chosen as student of the day. The other students had to write compliments to the student of the day and place the compliments in the student’s friendship envelope. This activity helps foster a sense of classroom community and build self confidence. Students loved writing compliments to their friends!