The second graders have been writing Thank You notes this week. They used The Writing Process to help them write their notes. Each student wrote a note for one special person in his/her life.


The kids had a lot of fun eating some goodies and carving a pumpkin today!!


Math is FUN!

To learn a little more about comparing fractions, the second graders baked a cookie cake! After measuring the ingredients, putting them into the bowl, then finally putting the mixture into the oven, they compared the sizes of the measuring cups. Then, they put the measuring cups in order from least to greatest. IMG-5077IMG-5078

Sushi Fun

The second graders have just finished a lesson on Japan. They learned that the Japanese eat a lot of rice and seafood. They also learned that a common dish eaten by the Japanese is sushi. Mrs. Dodds brought the class some veggie sushi for the students to try. Not everyone was a fan of the veggie sushi… but she also brought some candy sushi and everyone enjoyed those!¬†IMG-5015IMG-5016IMG-5020


Students have been learning all about nouns for the past couple of weeks. We have learned that a singular noun names one person, place, or thing. A plural noun names more than one person, place, or thing.

Students made singular and plural noun pizza slices! They had to glue singular nouns on one slice and plural nouns on the other. Mrs. Dodds brought them pepperoni to eat as a snack while they worked! It was a fun activity!


Mrs. Dodds’ favorite season has arrived!! On Monday, September 23rd, the kids completed a pumpkin coloring sheet. They also drew a scarecrow and connected the dots to make another pumpkin!

We will be doing lots of fun activities during  fall!