The first and second graders have been learning how to use a thesaurus. We started our lesson by discussing the difference between a thesaurus and a dictionary. Then, we discussed the different elements of a thesaurus.

Students have practiced finding synonyms for certain words using a thesaurus. We discussed synonyms and antonyms as well. We really enjoyed doing thesaurus challenges! unnamed-96unnamed-95unnamed-94unnamed-93unnamed-92unnamed-91unnamed-90


Giving Thanks!

As the Thanksgiving holidays approach, we have been discussing gratitude and all of the things that we have to be thankful for. Students wrote thank you notes, made a list of things they are thankful for, and colored a “I’m Thankful For… Turkey.” unnamed-83unnamed-84unnamed-85unnamed-86unnamed-87

Carolina Music Museum

On Friday, November 16th, we took a field trip with third and fourth grade to the Carolina Music Museum. We enjoyed looking at the harpsichords and pianos. Our tour guide had tons to teach us about not only the instruments, but famous musicians too! Students even got to play some of the harpsichords and pianos around the museum! unnamed-82unnamed-81unnamed-80unnamed-79unnamed-78unnamed-77

Spirit Week!

Spirit week was so much fun! We started our week with a cozy pajama day!

Tuesday was Out of this World Day. Students got really creative!

On Wednesday we had some Halloween fun! We played some Halloween games and did some crafts. Students also got cupcakes and fun goodie bags at our Halloween party.

Unfortunately, Ms. Ubarana forgot to take pictures of Favorite Holiday Day and Team Day Friday :(, but we still had fun!


The first and second graders have been learning all about animals and their habitats. Each student had to create the habitat of the animal he/she chose to research in class.  Everyone did an awesome job! The habitat projects turned out great.

We continued our animal study by reading novels by author Leo Lionni. Lionni teaches us more about habitats through his creative stories.



We have started a new unit on Japan. The second graders have enjoyed learning about Japan’s culture! We began our unit by learning the names and locations of the four major islands that make up the country. We also studied the appearance and symbolism behind the Japanese flag.

Students continued their journey by learning all about traditional Japanese holidays including the Cherry Blossom Festival and Children’s Day. We made our own cherry blossom trees with pipe cleaners and pink tissue paper!

We are ending our journey with a fun sushi party!

Field Trip!

Last Thursday, we joined 3rd and 4th grade on a field trip to Lake Conestee Nature Park. Our awesome tour guide took us on a hike and taught us a lot about food chains. She also taught us about different types of birds. She showed us skulls of birds like the woodpecker and the hummingbird. During our hike, we saw a black snake, frogs, and different types of plants. We ended our journey with a delicious picnic and some playground fun!